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EARTH HOUR: 60 Minutes to Change the World

By: Rachel Knight

Every single day all of us do things that affect the planet’s environment. Sometimes we participate in positive actions, like going out of our way to turn off lights in a room no one is in, recycling, carpooling, or other things that help conserve resources and reduce pollution. Although this is a good start, it isn’t enough. Too few people are making changes, too few people are aware of the detrimental effects we have caused on this planet we call home. “Earth Hour” is an event that hopes to change these statistics.

On March 31, 2012 from 8:30 to 9:30pm the single largest campaign for the planet will take place globally. “Earth Hour” represents a collective display towards a better future for planet Earth. The purpose of this hour of darkness is to raise awareness of the sustainability issues we currently face on a global level. This event allows people to have a voice and to join together for a common cause, to better the future of Earth, and ultimately to save our planet.

You may not think you can make a difference, but you can. One person leads to two and two leads to three and so on. This campaign cannot become bigger and more effective if everyone feels like they alone can’t make a difference. Every person makes a difference, and you should be one of those people who choose to be a part of this campaign and who choose to help protect, conserve, and save our planet.

Our future depends on you and me. Our future depends on spreading awareness and “Earth Hour” strives to do this.

Sadly, natural habitats are disappearing at a greater rate now than ever before. Humans are depleting Earth of wild animals, water, trees, and other natural resources at a faster rate than they can be replenished. We are also responsible for high levels of pollution and carbon emissions. As a result, we are altering natural habitats and raising the global climate. These issues will never just go away; if anything they will only get worse. Participating in “Earth Hour” can change this grim future.

Earth Hour began in 2007 with only a single city taking part. As of last year this has expanded to 5,251 cities. “Earth Hour” 2011 included over 1.8 billion participants in 135 countries. We can increase this number; we can make this event even bigger than it already is! Do as Ghandi famously said, and “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Start helping to save the planet, and others will follow. Its the least we can do for the planet that has provided us all with everything we need and utilize in life. Let’s stop taking and taking, and being giving back.

Click HERE to take the pledge, like me and millions of others, and vow to turn your lights off for an hour on March 31st 2012 from 8:30- 9:30 pm.


Watch the “Earth Hour” Video


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