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Elephants: In The Wild vs. In The Circus

Circuses can be fun and the elephants are always fun to watch (I mean look at all those cool tricks they can do!) But in reality, when you attend a circus you’re unknowingly supporting the torture of innocent and intelligent creatures.

Elephants are meant to freely roam the wilderness, not perform in circus tents for human entertainment. Don’t believe there is animal cruelty taking place at the circus? Let’s take a look at elephant life in the wild vs life in the circus…

In the wild,  elephants walk up to 25 miles a day.

In the circus, elephants are shackled up to 23 hours a day (pretty hard to walk when you’re chained up)

 Ringling's Elephants

In the wild, elephants live in large herds. They are extremely social creatures that rely on constant interactions with other elephants.

In the circus, elephants are isolated from one another in an attempt to teach them to obey their trainers and learn their tricks.

In the wild, baby elephants will spend their entire lives with their parents. Females live their lives with their mothers, males join the male herd after 2-4 years.

In the circus, baby elephants are ripped away from their mothers forever, causing extreme emotional distress.

Baby elephants are known to cry uncontrollably when separated from their mothers. They’ve even been known to die from broken hearts.

In the wild, young elephants spend their time exploring their environment, playing, bonding, and interacting with each other.

In the circus, baby elephants are shackled up indoors alone, rarely allowed outside unless to train. When they do train, they are constantly abused.


There is no reasonable explanation for why baby elephants are being treated like this

In the wild, elephants do everything on four legs, that’s why they have them!

In the circus, elephants are forced to perform unnatural tricks like one armed handstands and balancing on stools. Not only are these painful they also lead to life threatening and painful health problems.

That doesn't seem natural now does it?

That doesn’t seem natural now does it?

In the wild, elephants can do whatever they want whenever they want.

In the circus, if an elephant doesn’t listen to their handler, they are punished by being pierced with painful steel bull hooks. This is equivalent to you being stabbed with a knife on a regular basis.

Surveillance footage of elephant handler using a bull hook

Surveillance footage of elephant handler using a bull hook

Need More Proof?

Not only do circuses keep elephants from living as they would in the wild, they also torture them and provide horrendous care for these magnificent creatures. Many circus elephants live their lives with untreated medical conditions, are pushed beyond their limits causing them to collapse and even die. Although many circuses are cited for their wrong doing, nothing is being done to end this cycle of abuse for good.

Still don’t believe me? Click here to meet some of the elephants currently performing for Ringling Bros. Circuses and see for yourself.

Take Action

Unfortunately, we can’t just go and free the magnificent creatures from their captors, but there are ways you can help! Here’s how:

  • Spread the word about cruelty to circus animals to others. (Surprisingly very few people really know what goes on behind closed doors).
  • Boycott circuses entirely! Do not attend  and encourage others to avoid them as well.
  • Sign this petition to stop circus cruelty. 

The Bottom Line

If we don’t support these malicious people, they won’t be able to cause these animals any more pain. You have a voice, I have a voice, we all have a voice. So let’s use ours to help these animals who don’t have the voice to do it themselves.


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